This exhibition highlights the power of advertising, the psychological effects of the “desire” to have eternal youth and beauty and the suspension of disbelief when encountering an exhibition designed to question society’s pressures on its populace.

Artist lou anne colodny, aka Louie "the Smasher" Sams is a virtual fighter. She dons the gloves of a boxer and explores the world of "sweet secrets" / which is a name used in the trade to denote female fisticuffs. Sams had very little formal training. She learned by studying training videos on the internet and from her trainer Clarence Brousard. Her source materials come from the internet and fight magazines. She "fights " her opponents as if she were a real fighter. By superimposing her face on "other people's bodies", Sams is seen in fight magazines, web sites, and posters. A video entitled The Smasher explores the training practices of Sams and reflects attitudes of actual fighters and is shown within the exhibition space.