· lou anne colodny / resume’
Residence and mailing address:
5910 Quiet Oak Lane
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33312
954-966-9997 (h); 305.987.4437 (cell)
Studio:           12425 NE 13th Avenue #4, North Miami, Florida 305.987.4437 (cell)
email : muiemom@aol.com
web site :https://www.louannecolodny.com

Professional :
Director : under the bridge art space, 12425 NE 13th Avenue #4, North Miami, Florida 305.987.4437 (cell)
Founding Director of Founding Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, Florida
Director of CoCA, the Center of Contemporary Art, North Miami, FLorida

25 years of looking at art and working with artists as Curator and 
Founding Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami, Florida
Miami-Dade Community CollegeSculpture, 3-D Design, Bronze Sculpture
University of Miami: Independent Study3-D Design
1980 - 85      Miami-Dade Community College
Drawing, Sculpture, Ceramics
Bachelor of Arts, University of Florida : Major: English Education, Secondary Schools
Minor:  Journalism, Drama
A.I.M Biennial, organized by william cordova, Marie Vickles, Gean Moreno, Mikhaile Solomon   CATALOG

virtual exhibition: Why shouldn’t we talk about these things at the table?: A Community Based Conversation with South Florida Artists,  guest curators : AdrienneRose Gionta & Jeanie Ambrosio, Schmidt Center Gallery, FAU , Boca Raton, FL. 

3rd BIENNIAL “ARTISTS OF ART SALON”, curated by Elle Schorr,           
Armory Art Center, West Palm Beach, Florida
The Artful Book, 2019, a celebration of The Miami Book Fair and of South Florida as a literary cultural center, curated by Barbara Young,LsN Gallery, Miami, Florida
Life and Work of an Idea: Miami’s Art@Work and Farside Gallery, Organized by Miguel Ronsino, curator and founder of Colectivo Periferia, and Arturo F. Mosquera, Colectivo Periferia  Buenos Aires, Argentina, CATALOG
concrete jungle: narrative of presence curated by william cordova , 
Bridge Red, North Miami, Florida
The other side of the sky, curated by william cordova, Girl’s Club,
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Ripped from the Headlines, curated by Elle Schorr at Fat City, 
Ft; Lauderdale, FL 
Paradise Lost? Alchemy of the everyday,  Cindy Rucker Gallery, 
NY, NY, curated by William cordova
Dual Roles, group show, Art and Culture Center/Hollywood, Hollywood, FL.
curated by Laura Marsh
the past is more infinite than the future, Under the Bridge, curated by william cordova, North Miami, FL
Prizm Art Fair, Miami, FL, curated by william cordova
transphysics:istwa, landscapes, paisajes, curated by william cordova
Art and Culture Center/Hollywood, Hollywood, FL
 the nature of man, Art@Work, Miami, FL. (invitational Dr. Mosquera)
100+ Degrees in The Shade: A Survey of South Florida Art 
 curated by Jane Hart, Chris Engels and Nina Arias, Miami, Florida
 Vestris, Under the Bridge, Miami, Florida
MIA_ATL, Saltworks Gallery, curated by William Cordova Atlanta, Georgia
MIA_BER, Berlin Arts Club, curated by William Cordova, Berlin, Germany
A Close Read, Turn-Based Press, Miami, Florida
Nocturnes III: Hyperstition, FAT VILLAGE, curated by Leah Brown (invitational)
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Palmipsest, Carol Jazzar Contemporary, curated by william cordova, Miami, Florida
Rough n’ Tumble, FAT VILLAGE, curated by Lisa Rockford (invitational)
                  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Sweet Secrets, “other people’s bodies” , curated by Aldeberto Delgado   
6th Street Container, Miami, Florida
Follow the Line, Girls’ Club, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Curated by Carol Jazzar, Jazzar Contemporary from the Collection of Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz, CATALOG
Photography by Women, curated by Adalberto Delgado
6th Street Container, Miami, Florida
On the Street Where You Live, Under the Bridge, North Miami, FL
 ...continued, Group show at 6th Street Container, Miami, FL
Out of the Ordinary, Group Show 6th Street Container, Miami, FL
DCG Invitational, David Castillo Gallery, Miami, Florida
 9 at 12th and 6th; Miami, Florida; curated by Adalberto Delgado
Media Mesh Wall, on the American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida
                  organized by George Sanchez-Calderon
Dog Tales: Words and Images, Fact and Fiction, (group show) 
                  curated by Barbara Young, Miami-Dade Public Library, Miami, Florida
 It’s a Dog’s Life, (group show)
                  Hollywood Art and Culture Center, Hollywood, Florida 
   The Drawing Show, Carol Jazzar Contemporary, Miami, Florida
13_08, 2008 Cultural Consortium Fellowship in the Visual and Media Arts for Broward County, Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, Florida
442, (solo show) Hollywood Art and Culture Center Project Room, Hollywood, Florida
Talking Heads, curated by Michelle Weinberg , Girls Club, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
All Media Juried Biennial, 2007  Juror: Claire Breukel, Executive Director, Locust Projects
Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Hollywood, FL
{PAM} -scopeMIAMI at the Park, Miami,  FL
Bridge Art Fair at the Catalina Hotel, Carol Jazzar Contemporary, Miami Beach, Florida
Breathing Time (catalog)(Breath 11 in the Scholl Collection) 
 Curator: Gary Sangster, Director of the Headlands Program, San Francisco, Calif.,
Sophie Newcomb Gallery, Tulane Campus, New Orleans, Louisiana 
 Optic Nerve XIII 2006 (Juried) gottcha! 
  MoCA, Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, Florida
SATURATION / THE FACE LIFT IN A JAR (catalog), solo show
Presented by Carol Jazzar, Buena Vista Building, Design District, Miami, Florida
Talking Heads, Radio Broadcast, Curated by Eugenia Vargas for Subtropics Music Festival
Art Center/South Florida, Miami Beach, Florida
 Cinemascope , Chief-curated by Lee Wells / IFAC  -scopeNEW YORK, NY. NY
Curated by Charo Oquet/David Vardi
Edge Zones, World Arts Building, Miami, Florida
The Momentary Seduction of the New
Curated by Lee Wells through a grant 
from the International Fine Arts Consortium
-scope MIAMI @ theTownhouse, Miami Beach, Florida
One person show, TRANSFORMATIONS I and II (catalogs)
The Art Center Galleries, Okaloosa-Walton Community College, Niceville, Florida
45th Annual All Florida Juried Competition and Exhibition
                  BEST IN SHOW, Boca Raton Museum, Boca Raton, Florida
Juror: Louis Grachos, Director of the Knox-Albright Museum, NJ
Hollywood All Media Juried Biennial (Juror: Nick Cendrick)
Hollywood Art and Culture Center, Hollywood, Florida 
Beauty or Not, presented Carol Jazzar, Octopus Building, Miami, Florida
Guest Artist in the studio of Francie Bishop Goode, Annual Art Walk, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Tsunami Art Auction, Brooke Dorsch Gallery, Miami, Florida
Gorilla Art Piece, Locust Gallery, Miami, Florida
Sites-Miami 2004, Curators: William Keddell and Brook Dorsch
Lummus Park, Miami, Florida             
Last Night at the House, 
The House, Miami, Florida        
Legal Art Auction and show, Steinbaum Gallery, Miami, Florida
 Open Studio Night, installations and video, North Miami, Florida
 Optic Nerve IV (Juried), MoCA, Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, Florida
Hard to Figure (Invitational), Ambrosino Gallery, North Miami, Florida
Robots, Organized by Fredrick Snitzer for the 
Okaloosa-Walton Community College, Niceville, Florida
 Bubble, Bubble, Boil…A Miami Visual Stew  
 Miami-Dade Public Library, Miami, Florida
 Summer Sculpture Show, Dorsch Gallery, Miami, Florida
 Paradise City (April – May) , Saltworks Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
Optic Nerve III (Juried) MoCA, Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, Florida
NO SHOW at Eugenia Vargas, Curated by Robert Chambers, Miami, Florida
NO SHOW at Fredrick Snitzer’s Gallery Organized by Robert Chambers, Miami, Florida
The Alphabet Show (Invitational), Miami-Dade Public Library,
organized by Barbara Young, Miami, Florida
Miami, Uncensored (Invitational), Curated by Josephina Posch
Artists Television Access, San Francisco, California
Why Don’t We Do It in the Road (Invitational)
Curated by William Cordova, Ambrosino Gallery, North Miami, Florida
The Experimental Show (Juried)
Juror: Elizabeth Hall, Wolfsonian Museum, Miami Beach, Florida
Unaffiliated Artist Exhibition (Juried)
Juried Exhibition/Miami Art Exchange, The Living Room, Miami, Florida 
The Sears project at the House, Curated by Robert Chambers, Miami, Florida
Open Studio , North Miami, Florida
Me, my friends and I(Invitational) , 6G Alternative Gallery, Miami, Florida
Homewreckers: It’s Over (Invitational)
(3rd installment of the Home Shows at Eugenia Vargas’ home)
Curated by William Cordova, Miami, Florida
Changing, (Juried)
 February 2001–March 2001
In the Negative(Juried)
December 2000-January 2001
Optic Nerve I
(Juried), MoCA, Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, Florida
I like you, (Invitational)
                  Created for Videoman in collaboration with Charles Recher
                  Colony Theater, Miami Beach, Florida
Robots (Invitational), Snitzer Gallery, Miami Florida
Personal Collections:
Linda and Irwin Adler, Miami, Florida
Lang Baumgartner, Miami, Florida
Estelle and Paul Berg, Miami, Florida
Mayor Judy and Sam Cuenca, Golden Beach, Florida
Maggie Fernandez, Miami, Florida
Steve and Rochelle Lanster, Miami, Florida
Marilyn and Mike Levinson, Columbia Maryland 
David Rianofsky, West Palm Beach, Florida
Karen and Harold Rifas, Miami, Florida
Debra and Dennis Scholl, Miami, Florida
Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz Collection, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Ruth and Richard Shack, Miami, Florida
Gary Zeigler, Miami, Florida
Dr. and Mrs. Arturo Mosquera
Public Collections:
Art Department Video Collection, University of Miami, Miami, Florida
Miami-Dade County Public Library Collection, Miami, Florida
Miami Dade Community College, Miami, Florida
Miami Museum of Art (MAM), Miami, Florida
Optic Nerve Archive, MoCA, Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, Florida  
Okaloosa-Walton Community College, Niceville, Florida
Southeast Museum of Photography, Daytona Beach, Florida