Exhibition announcement at 6th Street Container
curated by Adalberto Delgado

Artist lou anne colodny, aka Louie, "the Smasher", Sams dons the gloves of a boxer to explore the world of female fisticuffs. Female boxing challenges all notions about femininity, power, aggression, shame and desire. It is frowned upon by society as being shady, sleazy and definitely an unlady-like endeavor. Researching the subject, Colodny discovered that females take to boxing to become “powerful”; to be “free” to be aggressive and to be “good at something” inside the bodies that they try to destroy.

Colodny’s avatar Louie Sams had very little formal training. She learned by studying training videos on the internet and from her trainer Clarence Brousard. Her source materials come from the internet and fight magazines. She "fights " her opponents as if she were a real fighter by superimposing her face on "other people's bodies".

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Sweet Secrets: or other people's bodies