gottcha! 2006, 00:01:53 per revolution
gottcha! is from the artists' new series about a cloned society. This footage originates from a 1950's 8 millimeter film of the artist performing a dance routine and roller skating on her front sidewalk. The images have been digitized and pushed into a mirrored image creating a cloned persona and environment. Feet scramble and the figure tumbles through strange spaces. Some of the actions become rather erotic although gender is unidentifiable. Gottcha refers to the cloning and the attempt for the cloned figure to find a place of repose, but it is on a roller coaster ride. It can't stop. The artist's exuberant screams and created sounds enhance the speed of the dancing and falling figure as it continually skates to other fantastic spaces. The figure squishes and spouts and taps out a new existence in its new cloned society.