the nature of man, 2007, 00:02:58 per revolution
The nature of man video was created using random images from scanned photos of the limbs and faces of professional ballet dancers. They were collaged with imaginary forms to create animation which, by design, is crude in light of new technological advances. This animation reconstructs the "nature of man and love" as related by the Greek philosopher Aristophanes in Plato's "Symposium of love". Aristophanes claimed that the sexes were originally three in number: man, woman and the union of the two which was Androgynous. They were incorporated into one body which was round with two heads, four arms and four legs. Man could walk upright and roll over and over at a great pace. He originally entertained the gods, but eventually became so enamored with himself that he destroyed their temples. The angry gods debated whether to destroy man and Zeus despaired. Finally he said, " Me thinks I have a plan which will humble man's pride and improve his manners; man will continue to exist but I will cut him in two and he will be diminished in strength and increase in numbers. " This satisfied the rest of the gods. Zeus severed man with his thunderbolt creating two individuals: man and woman. They longed for each other and felt lost. There was emptiness within each, so the gods gave them the ability to love. Man, however, was forever destined to a life of continued longing for their completed selves.